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Why do business with us?

First of all, we’re different and that’s a good thing. If you have had an estimate for crawl space waterproofing or repairs, you know how expensive it can be, as well as the fun of dealing with the salesman. We understand. We have specifically designed this website and, for that matter, this company, around an idea of how business in this day and age should be conducted.

We intend to make as much information available as possible, including the systems, warranties and their prices. Our idea is to make this an easily understood educational shopping experience about your crawl space. We hope this results in a refreshing way of selecting a home repair contractor.

Our Website

There are three things that really matter:

  1. Information
  2. Pricing
  3. How we transact business

It is our intent to provide you with more easily understood information on this website than you will find anywhere else. We also intend to give you a detailed description of the available systems and the warranties that back them up. In short, we feel the more information we provide you, the better informed you will be and the more likely you will be to choose The Crawl Space Team as your contractor.

Competitive prices, respect AND quality too!

Our staff at The Crawl Space Team takes pride in our work. That pride extends to our respect for our customers. We have the experience and the expertise to do a quality job while taking care of those things that matter most to you, such as not tracking dirt into your home, and thoroughly cleaning up when we are done.

We believe you’ll like our prices but we hope that you will also like the way we do business.  We’re counting on it!

The Crawl Space Team

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