Encapsulation System

While drain systems are certainly effective and accepted as a standard remedy to many crawl space ground water issues, a more specific application is often desired or even required by the homeowner to further reduce the moisture level in the crawl space.  That is where the concept of encapsulation can be explored.

Always remember that just about every crawl space has some form of moisture issues.  If left unchecked, these issues can cause a multitude of problems to the structure, mold, wood rot, odors etc.  While a ground water drainage system is a very effective solution, many homeowners desire more specific reductions in moisture levels that will ensure a healthy home.  Today’s homeowners are not willing to run the risk of structural damage and reduced air quality in their home that can be traced back to moisture in the crawl space.

Because of these increasing concerns, encapsulation is an option that more and more homeowners are selecting.

Encapsulation System Description

Encapsulation is designed to eliminate all remaining moisture issues that emanate from the open earth environment of a crawl space.

This is done by affixing a liner just below the top of the perimeter crawl space walls through out the crawl space.  The liner is sealed to the wall to stop any escape of moisture from under the liner.  The liner is seamed with a moisture proof tape and sealed around all piers, interior walls, and other structures.  At that point, the final step is to seal all foundation vents.  The entire purpose of this application is to provide a total barrier to open earth to stop outside air, specifically warm air, from moving into the crawl space and coming into contact with the cooler crawl space air causing immediate moisture conditions.  In short, the installation of an encapsulating liner along with sealing the foundation vents transforms your crawl space into a drier, controlled, and substantially healthier environment, than you currently have.

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