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Virtually all issues that concern a crawl space can be traced back to physical water and excessive moisture as the causal factor. Levels of moisture in the crawl space will always be at issue when hydrostatic pressure is present and ground water levels are not effectively drained and managed.

The moisture level of a crawl space can be reduced and managed accordingly when the sources of water are addressed.

Crawl space drainage systems are a first and, in many cases, the major solution to excessive ground water. Failure to remedy excessive ground water and moisture in a crawl space can create conditions for mold, fungus and odors. In addition, these conditions can result in wet and dry rot compromising the structural integrity of the load bearing wood components of the foundation.

Standing water inside and/or seepage into a crawl space or basement can cause frustrating problems for the homeowner. These problems can be both immediate and long term. For example, standing water, saturated soil and mud inside crawl spaces create problematic conditions for both structural integrity and air quality in the home.

A wet crawl space or basement may add excessive amounts of unwanted water vapor or moisture to your home each day. The vapor causes wet insulation, softening of wood components and mold growth. Surprisingly enough, even a dry looking crawl space can add water vapor to your home.

CST Lifetime Drain System

Installation and Components. A CST Lifetime Drain System  also includes a trench hand dug completely around the interior perimeter of the crawl space. A 4-inch tile with an aggregate-based filtration is installed in the trench. A deep set sump basin is created at the base of the system and a sump pump is installed within. Aggregate offers an advantage over filtration fabric webbing in that the potential for clogging is significantly reduced.

As with the Feature 10 Drain System, ground water collected in the sump basin is discharged via the sump pump through an underground 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe to an in-ground water receptacle exterior to the crawl space. Placement of the receptacle is made in conjunction with the homeowner. The discharge could be taken to a natural low lying area in the yard or tied into a field tile system that might already be present.

Finally, a 6-mil vapor barrier is placed over the crawl space grade to minimize open earth moisture.

Warranty. The CST Lifetime Drain System offers a lifetime warranty for no standing water in the crawl space and is transferable to the next property owner. The sump pump which is the engine of the system, is warranted by the pump’s manufacturer’s warranty of one year plus an additional year provided by The Crawl Space Team.

Cost Comparison. The CST Lifetime Drain System is a better solution for mold, moisture and water problems in your crawl space and, although it costs a little more than the Feature 10 Drain System, it offers a lifetime of worry-free service in your crawl space. Encapsulation is another product which may be installed as a separate solution or in combination with a drain system.

Many crawl spaces encounter flooding, standing water, muddy or heavy moisture conditions. These are all caused by excessive uncontrolled ground water in the crawl space. It is the ground water condition that must be addressed and this can be done by installing a full perimeter drain system.

A drain system not only keeps water from pooling or standing in your crawl space, but also keeps the ground water level below the grade of the crawl space, literally controlling and maintaining it below grade. A vapor barrier is then installed over the crawl space grade to hold down open earth moisture and vapors. Keep in mind, this system is designed to control ground water and it does so quite effectively.

To understand the difference between a drain system and encapsulation, read below, then check out our Encapsulation Systems section.



The Crawl Space Team has the expertise and professionalism to help you solve your problem and create a healthier environment for your family. When we inspect your crawl space, we look for any sign that could indicate a moisture problem whether it is structural, mechanical or environmental.

Solutions to your crawl space water problems may involve one or more approaches:

The Crawl Space Team is equipped and trained to handle all aspects of your moisture problem. Check out our drainage solutions, then call us!

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