Moisture Control

Encapsulation - Crawl Space Moisture Solution

Standing water in a crawl space is the single greatest contributor to crawl space problems as an obvious source of moisture.

However, standing water alone does not always account for excessive moisture problems. Failure to fix or correct excessive moisture in a crawl space will eventually create problems for structural wood components such as the sill plate, joist, beams and sub-floor. These wood components will experience damage in the form of mold, fungus, and rot. With enough time, it can damage the structural integrity of your home. The Crawl Space Team can identify and solve your crawl space problems before structural defects take their toll on your home’s resell value.

Excessive moisture…can damage the structural integrity of your home.

A major problem with excess moisture in the home is mold. Dirt crawl spaces have the high moisture levels necessary for mold growth. High moisture levels are easily found in dirt crawl spaces that have never flooded. Anytime there is mold or other poor conditions in the crawl space, the risk to air quality throughout the house is greater.

Insects and other critters of all kinds love damp environments and wet materials and a crawl space with excessive moisture is an excellent shelter for them.

Properly sealing the crawlspace and removing the moisture from the ground and air is part of the solution that helps provide a mold-free, radon-free, and insect-free environment, which leads to a more more energy-efficient and healthier home.


Crawl Space - Foundation Seepage

Nearly all problems (mold, insects, sagging floors, foul odors) involving a crawl space can be traced back to physical water and excessive moisture as the causal factor.

Levels of moisture in the crawl space will always be at issue when ground water levels are not effectively drained and managed. The moisture generated in your crawl space will lead to structural damage and higher energy costs!

A wet crawl space may add as much as 10 to 15 gallons of water as water vapor or moisture to your home each day. It travels from areas of high concentration inside the home to areas of low concentration (outside). The vapor moves through your walls and ceilings until it encounters a cold surface which causes it to condense back into its liquid form. This causes wet insulation, mold growth, peeling paint on exterior surfaces, and damage to roofing materials. Many times the first sign of a problem is mold growth on the underside of roof sheathing, even though there are no signs of water in the basement or crawl space.

Even a dry looking crawl space can add water vapor to your home.

The Crawl Space Team has the expertise and professionalism to help you solve your problem and create a healthier environment for your family. When we inspect your crawl space, we look for any sign that could indicate a moisture problem whether it is structural, mechanical or environmental.

A clean, sealed crawlspace can be an extra source for much needed storage while making your home more energy efficient, healthy, and safe for your family.


Installing Encapsuline is a very effective way to negate and control the moisture in your crawl space. This application is the most technologically accepted remedy for consumers who understand the causal relationship of moisture in the crawl space to odors, mold, wet and dry rot etc. The Crawl Space Team can install The Encapsuline System in your home to help reduce moisture before it becomes a problem. Click here for more information.

Drainage System Installation
In certain cases, a full interior perimeter drainage system may be needed to control excessive moisture. A typical installation will consist of 4 inch perforated, corrugated flex drain tile packed in aggregate to channel groundwater to a deep-set sump basin with sump pump. The basin is packed in aggregate and perforated for effective drainage and a sump pump transfers water via a discharge line that runs underground to an in-ground water receptacle.

A sump pump is the engine of the ground water drainage system. As the drain tiles channel ground water to the deep-set basin, the drainage system will slowly reduce the ground water level effectively managing moisture levels. Click here for more information.

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