Structural Repair

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The foundation of your home has a significant amount of wood components. The joists, sill plate, beams, and sub-floor are all completely exposed to the crawl space environment. Most crawl space areas are damp, and the inattentive homeowner

Structural problems can significantly affect the selling price
…of your home.

has no idea just how much damage this can do. Damp or wet wood will rot and decay, losing its structural integrity and strength. The wood inside your home was either kiln-dried or air- dried so that the moisture content in the wood was less than 20 percent when your home was first built. The moisture trapped in the air in a crawl space or basement will condense on the dry wood, raising the moisture content. As moisture in the wood rises above 20 percent, decay can set in.

Decay weakens wood and that can put the structural integrity of your home at risk. Symptoms such as sagging or spongy floors, wall and ceiling cracks are telltale signs that there may be structural issues at play. If you are considering selling your home, structural problems can greatly affect the selling price.

Count on the Crawl Space Team’s expertise to fix your structural problems

The Crawl Space Team is a premiere full service company with years of experience. The Crawl Space Team can inspect, diagnose and evaluate the condition of your crawl space. If structural problems are found, you will receive an explanation of the problems and options regarding the corrective actions that should be taken. Our approach is old fashioned. We fix what needs to be fixed and that is all.

The Crawl Space Team can perform major or minor structural repairs.

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