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Insurance Agents and Claims adjusters are often faced with claims that involved excess moisture and ground water as well the problems that occur when the a crawl space has incurred such exposure. The mold, odors, and structural damage can be considerable. The physical damage to the structure, compression fracture where the joist sits on the sill plate, rotted sill plate, rotted joist, bowing beam and sagging floors are just a few of the items that come up on a claim report.

Of course the immediate question for the adjuster is the determination of coverage. Yet, whether covered or not, it is usually of value to be able to recommend and even have a working relationship with a company like The Crawl Space Team so that we can assist in the evaluation of damage and offer our services whether coverage is afforded or not.

We do not serve as a typical insurance restoration company but are always please to work with the insurance industry in the areas where our expertise can be of great assistance.

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