Comforting to find it very dry

“I did not think I actually have a water problem in my crawl space. I had only been down there a very few times. A couple of those times I thought it was damp and wet, but I just figured that it was due to heavy rains.

The crawl space had plastic and insulation down and somewhat masked the real problem. I had been talking to some neighbors who said they had a sump pump and it really helped keep their crawl space dry. It was a couple weeks later that I went down into the crawl space to repair an outside faucet and noticed it seemed really wet in the crawl space. I did some research on crawl spaces and what moisture in a crawl space can do with regards to rotting, mildew and mold and decided it would be a good idea to make a call and see what I had down there. I called the Crawl Space Team who came out and confirmed that I did have a problem and it was more than just a little dampness. They explained what they would do and how it would be done. The job was completed as they described. After it was all done I was really surprised at how often the pump comes on, especially during the rainy season. This tells me there was a lot more water down in my crawl space than I imagined and it also confirmed that the job they did was working at keeping water out of my crawl. I have only been back down under the crawl one time since the job was complete but it was comforting to find it very dry when I was down there.”

Dale McQueen, New Palestine, IN

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